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Mascen Wade, star pitcher of the Aldridge University baseball team, is a lot of things.

Hotter than sin.
The campus’s reigning bad boy.

We knew each other once upon a time, but even if I’m named after a princess, it doesn’t mean my life is a fairytale.

My plan is to keep my head down, get my degree, and leave this town.

But the moment Mascen Wade recognizes me all my carefully laid plans come crumbling down. He’s decided he wants to make my life a living hell. But I’m not so easy to push around and won’t put up with his bully playground antics. Too bad for me I’ve never been able to resist him.

5* read
Micalea is a author I've loved from her very first book. I find her writing so addicitive and captivating. So when I heard her next book was a enemies to lovers one set in college I was beyond excited as thats just my perfect mix.
Mascen is your typical sexy brooding bad boy. Him and Rory were best friends when they were kids, but after Rory leaves they loose touch. When Rory shows up at the college Mascen goes to it certainly isn't back to best friends. I loved their obvious chemistry but also their hate for each other that made for great banter. You instanly connect to the characters and invest in their story. I loved how although Rory was sweet, she was also this strong female who took no s***. And how although Mascen was a rough around the edges bad boy, he still had that sweet side for Rory. I also loved the supporting characters and thats what this author does so well. She writes so that you believe and invest in her characters, but not just the main characters.
Great read, I couldn't put it down once I'd started I had to know what was happening next. I can't wait for the next from this author.

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Bad New - BT banner  
Do I want the story? Or him?
Bad News, an all-new sexy, workplace romance from Stacy Travis, is available now! 
  BadNews-ebook5x8 (1)  
Jack Galloway is an award-winning journalist, a star at The Examiner, and he’s got the chiseled jaw and deep blue eyes that light me on fire.
Oh, and I hate his arrogant guts.
He told my boss that I can’t hack it as a reporter. He actually said it was a mistake to hire me. But I just landed a scandalous story that will launch my career and prove him forever wrong. Yeah, it steps on Jack’s beat a little. Okay, a  lot.
So our boss is making us report it together for an entire weekend. At a gorgeous oceanfront villa with sailboats and cocktails and oh…he looks good in a sport coat.
Jack brings out my insecurities. He makes me doubt my instincts. And ignites a desire in me that I haven’t felt before.
But I know he’s hiding something. And I know I’m risking more than my job by pursuing the truth.
If I have to choose, do I want the story? Or him?
3.5* read.
  Jack and Linden are to rivals who are forced to work together. An enemies to lovers slow burn romance this was a good read. A bit to slow for my liking so it took me a bit longer to get into the book then normal. I also felt like I needed to know more about Jake as a character and then maybe I would have connected to him more and the story. I didn't hate him but I didn't love him either.
That been said it is a well wrote book and an enjoyable read. I will be reading more from this author as this is the first book I've read.
If you love a slow burn romance this is for you.

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“So why the little performance for Chad?"
 “Sometimes it helps to stir the pot.” The glimmer of a smile forms, like he’s playing a game of chess and just made a bold opening.   
“Oh.” I’m not sure what to say, which is unusual for me.   
“That’s all you got?”
“Um, well, I have questions.”
“Of course, you do; you’re a reporter.”  
I take a step back and stare at him, backlit by twinkle lights that cast a flattering glow on his already-beautiful face. “Are you going to answer them?”
He shrugs. “You haven’t asked anything yet. Is that how you usually go about your reporting? You just wait for the other person to answer questions you haven’t even posed?”
“Just when I thought I might like you a tiny bit, you have to ruin it, don’t you?”
His smile is a smirk now and he reaches for my hand, pulling me a little closer. “You like me? ”he asks, his voice a quiet rumble. 
“I’m still deciding.”
Then he whispers, “Let me help you decide.” He leans his face an inch closer to mine but doesn’t close the gap between us. A chill runs through me as my body responds to him, betraying the logical part of my brain that says I need to focus on my job and only my job. The only clear thought I have right now is how much I want to feel his lips on mine again. But he’s still inches away, holding out, not willing to give me what I want until I meet him partway.   
“I think…Chad seems like the kind of guy who needs a lot of convincing before he decides he has no chance.”
“So, for the sake of a good story…” I say, moving an inch closer but stopping before my lips meet his so he knows I’m in control of my emotions. Even though I’m not.   
“…I know how important good journalism is to you,” he says. I can feel his breath like a breeze across my face. It’s hypnotizing and I struggle to keep from closing my eyes and giving in to what I want. 
“I’m one hundred percent devoted to the craft.”It’s a struggle to get the words out when I can barely breathe.  
 “I’m happy to help however I can.”Our faces are mere inches apart and I feel pulled closer, unable to resist the magnetic force of his lips. I tip my head up and feel his lips melt into mine, pressing gently but intentionally. It’s sweet but urgent. Tongues that can’t get nearly enough, lips that want to consume. This isn’t a sweet fake-date kiss. This is a year and a half of working together and wanting to hate him but hating how much I wanted him, all tangled up in a kiss that can’t last long enough.
Meet Stacy
It’s a rough world out there, and we all sometimes need a good, romantic beach read, even if we can’t make it to the beach. I’ve spent many lazy days walking the streets of Paris and other gorgeous European cities, and if I’m doing it right, I’m bringing you a dash of romance and a vacay fantasy. 
I can’t sit still, so when I’m not hiking, biking or running, I’m playing a very average game of tennis. Background music for writing undoubtedly features some U2, Lizzo, Billy Joel, Pink, Taylor Swift, and Led Zeppelin. Not necessarily in that order. And if I could only eat one food group, it would be cheese. Or wine. Or bread. Are those food groups? Whatever.
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 CROWNED BY FATE (Crowned Duet #2) by Amo Jones Release Date: May 18th

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He asked me to love him, so I engraved his name onto my heart. He craved my loyalty, so I let him feast on my soul. I wanted a husband, but he gave me a monster. So, I made it my pet. The lines between what was real and what wasn’t were blurred. Our story was a lie. Until now.            
5* review.
One of my favourite authors, she writes dark romance like no other. I know this book has been a long time coming for a lot of people who were left hanging on with that epic conclusion a couple of years ago. Me I just read the first part a few weeks agon so luckily I didn't have much of a wait, I don't think I could have waited that long to see how Isa and Bryant's story panned out. That been said I'm glad the author waited till now when she felt the characters rather then just force a conclusion out when it didn't feel right.
I loved this book. It had so many ups and downs and twists and turns like you'd expect in one of Amo's books. Everytime you think you know whats happening bang their goes another curveball. Isa and Bryant are their own special kind of crazy, and crazily perfect for each other they are. The chemistry, the hate, the fire, it was electric.
A great conclusion to another great book by the Queen of dark twisted romance. I'm always looking forward to the next book by this author.

About the Author:  
Amo Jones is a USA Today & Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, totally winging this author thing (she's probably doing it all wrong). She likes cake, loves wine, and her religion is magic (Slytherin). She's a profound work-a-holic, but when she's not writing, you can find her chilling with her kids & Husband at the nearest beach, with a cocktail in her hand. New Zealand is not a state of Australia and rugby is the best sport ever played.
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Friday, 22 May 2020

Every Little Piece of Me is a sexy, standalone second-chance romance in the all-new Orchid Valley series.

Every Little Piece of Me by New York Times & USA Today bestselling author, Lexi Ryan, is live!

It’s not every day you get invited to your wife’s wedding to another a guest.

The first time I saw Brinley Knox, she was crying, draped in a ridiculous pink tulle dress for her sweet sixteen party, and cursing the boy who’d broken her heart.

I was the hired help, a teenage charity case.

She was the daughter of the wealthiest family in Orchid Valley.

I knew a girl like Brinley was off-limits for a guy like me. That didn’t stop me from kissing her. Or from promising that if she were ever mine, I’d never let her go.

 The last time I saw Brinley, she was sleeping, tangled in the sheets of my Vegas penthouse, my diamond glittering on her left ring finger.

I returned three hours later to an empty bed, the ring on the dresser, and a note that said, “Can’t keep the ring. I’d never hold you to that.”

In the two years since, we’ve never talked about our impulsive Vegas nuptials—never talked at all after that night—but I’m not the kind of guy who’d file for a divorce he doesn’t want.

Until I got this damn invitation, it never occurred to me that Brinley didn’t think our wedding was real. Or didn’t remember it at all.

I guess it’s time to return to Orchid Valley and remind the bride-to-be that I’m a man who keeps his promises.

3.5/4* read.
I love this authors writing style,  I adored The Boys of Jackson Harbor series and was gutted when that ended. So when I heard about this new series I couldn't wait to get stuck in.
This is a heavy read (a lot more then I was expecting). A lot of angst and drama, a lot of obstacles that will keep you gripped till the end.
I do have to admit this isn't my favourite book by this author and I did have my problems with it. Don't get me wrong it wasn't bad at all it just wasn't my favourite. My main problem was with Marston. I enjoyed him in the prequel, and I really connected to him and was looking forward to seeing more from him. But throughout this book I didn't feel his personality as much as I would have liked. I also didn't feel the emotional connection between him and Brinley, even though the physical side was there the deep emotional connection that makes me fall in love with their story just wasn't there.
Problems aside this was still a great book by a really talented author and I am looking forward to seeing where the rest of this series goes.

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Every Little Piece of Me, excerpt © 2020 by Lexi Ryan

I run the water cold and brace myself on the sink. 

Everything is okay. This is just one moment. Inhale and exhale, and move your way through it.

Once my breathing evens out, I splash cold water on my face and blot it dry with a paper towel. I’m definitely overreacting. There are a thousand reasons he could be in town and want to talk to me alone. Thousands of reasons that don’t begin with the words “You’re the love of my life. Please don’t marry anyone else.”

Because I’m almost positive I don’t want to hear those words. Mostly.

When I step out of the bathroom, Marston is waiting there, leaning against the wall across from the ladies’ room, arms folded, jaw twitching with aggravation. The picture of tall, dark, and pissed off.

When Marston sets his mind to something, he gets it, and tonight, apparently that something is talking to me alone. 

“Sorry.” I smooth down my pencil skirt. “That vodka didn’t sit right.” I turn toward the main room. 

He catches me around the waist and spins me so fast that I’m trapped between the wall and him before I can blink. “Give me one minute.” He braces his hands above my head and leans forward.

I swallow hard. Not because I’m scared. Marston’s never scared me. But looking up at him when he’s this close is stirring up all kinds of memories. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to look at him without part of me wishing for the future I longed for at sixteen. I place a firm hand on his chest. “I don’t think this is a good idea.”

“Was Vegas a joke to you?”

Of all the questions I expected him to ask, that wasn’t anywhere on the list. “What? Of course not. Vegas was . . .” Hot. Impulsive. Crazy. Amazing. Wild . . . everything. 

He dips his head until his lips hover right above mine. “Don’t you dare call it a mistake,” he growls, his warm breath tickling my skin.

I ache to close the distance between our mouths, ache to feel his kiss again. I’d never call Vegas a mistake. Maybe I should, but I can’t. 

“Fuck, you smell so good. I couldn’t get the smell of you out of my mind for weeks after you left me that damn note. Do you know how crazy that made me?”

My hand is still against his chest. If I pushed, he’d back off. He’d give me the space to clear my head. But when he shifts his mouth from above mine to my ear, I don’t want to push him away. I want to pull him back. “Marston—”

“Is this why you sent me that invitation? Did you want me to come here and remind you what it’s like between us? How it feels when we’re close?” In a breath, he has me pinned against the wall again, and his mouth crushes against mine.

Fireworks explode in my stomach. All at once, the floor is falling out from under me and I’m floating. 

The kiss doesn’t last long—I don’t let it. I tear my mouth away before it can swallow me whole. 

I shove him back, my lips tingling. “You can’t do that.” The kiss was everything I remembered, everything that’s missing when I kiss Julian. Everything I’ve been trying to convince myself I don’t need.

Meet Lexi:

Lexi Ryan is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of emotional romance that sizzles. A former academic and English professor, Lexi considers herself the luckiest girl around to make a living through storytelling. She loves spending time with her crazy kids, weightlifting, ice cream, swoony heroes, and vodka martinis.

Lexi lives in Indiana with her husband, two children, and a spoiled dog. You can find her at her website:

Connect with Lexi:

“If I try to kiss you at midnight, when I’m off shift and you’re officially not a client anymore . . . would you let me?”

Dirty Charmer by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Emma Chase, is LIVE! 

Abigail Haddock is stunning, sensible, and some would say . . . stuffy. But it’s not really her fault. She was raised in one of Wessco’s oldest, most affluent, aristocratic families—“stuffy” is their middle name. So is successful. Abby’s working overtime to distinguish herself as a top-notch physician, just as her family legacy demands.

She doesn’t have time for nonsense.

Tommy Sullivan’s all about nonsense.

Sure, he’s an elite bodyguard with lethal skills and co-owner of the renowned, S&S Securities Firm—protector of the wealthy and titled. But he’s also rowdy, fun and thoroughly irresistible.

Tommy knows how to have a good time, and he’s never seen someone more in need of a good time than Abby. The lass needs long, wet, filthy kisses—STAT—and he’s just the man for the job.

It doesn’t take long for a wildly sexy, sinfully satisfying, no-strings attached arrangement to turn into something more. Something sweet and addictive and real. But Tommy and Abby are too royally stubborn to admit it.

Opposites attract, everyone knows that. But can they last—can they love…for forever?


4* read.
I'm quite a recent fan to Emma Chase's work after only recently coming across her work. From the first book I fell in love with her writing style
I feel like I've been waiting for Tommy's story for ages, but man it was worth it. I don't think I'm alone in that feeling either if like me you've read Emma’s Royally series and fell in love with this sweet cocky sexy bodyguard, then you to will have been excitedly waiting for his story. Tommy and Abby are completely different, but in their case opposites really do attract. Although I loved Abby and the chemistry they both had, it was definatly Tommy that made this book for me. The banter and cocky attitude made this light read that much more perfect.
Dirty Charmer is what you'd expect from an opposites attract romance. Tommy and Abby's story was worth the wait and will really lift your mood. 
Download your copy today!

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Me: Are you texting while you’re driving??
Apparently, Tommy and his bodyguard brethren are trained to text without actually having to look at their phones, so they can communicate covertly with the device in their pocket.
But I’ve explained to him—at length—that that doesn’t matter worth a damn.
I’ve informed him of the overwhelming statistics on the dangers of texting while operating a vehicle and I’ve disclosed my firsthand experiences of seeing the deadly carnage of such behavior during my emergency room rotations.   
And still, after a weighted pause, he replies:
Godly Orgasm Giver : Maybe.
Me: Well, STOP IT!!
For a moment, the screen remains quiet . . . and then those sneaky little dots appear again.
Godly Orgasm Giver: I like it when you get all shouty caps at me—have I ever told you that?
I’m going to revisit the idea of Tommy teaching me how to throw a punch. It would come in handy at moments just like this.
“Is everything all right, Abby?” my mother asks. “You’re all flushed.”
She examines me above her glasses like I’m a bug under a microscope.
“I . . .”
Grogg, the butler, bends down and dips his large, square head towards my grandmother.
“A gentleman is out front, Lady Agatha . . .”
Oh no.
“On a motorbike.”
“Well, send him away.” The Dowager Countess shoos her hand in the air, as countesses do. “We don’t accept solicitations.”
I scramble to my feet. “Actually, he’s here for me.”
I throw my tablet and phone and books into my satchel, to hasten my not-so-great escape.  
“Pardon?” my father inquires.
“He?” my grandmother prods.
I swallow hard, rushing out the words. “Yes. He’s a friend. I messaged him for a lift.”
My brother Sterling’s eggs-Benedict-laden fork pauses midair on its way to his mouth.  
“I didn’t know you had the sort of friends who road motorbikes.”
“I didn’t know you had friends,” my sister Athena comments, not in a cruel way, but with sincere surprise.
I shrug, looping the strap of my satchel over my shoulder.
“Yes, well . . . you know . . .”
With that brilliant retort, I turn and walk out of the room.
I head towards the foyer, the heels of my knee-high boots clicking rapidly on the marble floor like a ticking time bomb. I yank open the giant front door and . . . come to an immediate stop on the veranda outside of it.
Because Tommy’s there, down the long gray steps on the front drive, sitting easily astride a shiny contraption of chrome and steel, wearing work boots, snug blue jeans and a black leather jacket—looking so sinfully good it might actually be illegal.  
I have to remind myself that I’m angry with him, and when I do, I march straight down the steps. His eyes alight on my boots, skirt and light gray sweater—the ensemble gives off an unintended “naughty schoolteacher” feel—and the corner of Tommy’s wicked mouth hooks up accordingly.
“Hello, sweetheart.”
“Are you mad?!”
He takes a moment to think it over.
“Not the last time I checked.”
“What are you doing here?” I hold out my hands. “And what is this?”
“It’s a motorbike.”
“It’s death on wheels.”
He chuckles. “James loaned it to me for the day. The hills are beautiful this time of year—I thought we’d take a ride together. You wanted stress relief, didn’t you?” Tommy taps the shiny handlebar. “A ride on this is as stress-relieving as it gets—better than normal-bloke sex.”
I peer at him. Do I want to know?
Apparently I do, because I hear myself asking, “Normal-bloke sex?”
“Yeah.” He winks. “I mean it’s not better than how I do it—obviously. But the way an average bloke has sex—this is definitely better.”
I shake my head, folding my arms. “Do you have any idea how dangerous these things are? The statistics on motorbike fatalities are—”
Tommy covers my mouth with his hand.
His palm is warm, and so is his voice—a thick, sweet, honeyed tone.
“Do you trust me, Abby?”
After a moment, he takes his hand away and I gaze into those deep, dark eyes . . . falling into them so easily it should be frightening.
My answer is simple. True ones always are.
“I do.”
Tommy smiles fully, and my stomach flutters with that lovely swirling sensation.
“Then climb on.”
He places a helmet on my head, buckling the strap under my chin.
“And you might want to do it fast—your granny’s coming.”
I glance over my shoulder to see the whole family gathered outside the front of the door, a spectrum of curious and gob-smacked expressions plastered on their typically reserved faces. And my grandmother is indeed headed this way, her jeweled necklace jingling as she quickly descends the long slope of stone steps.
Her voice is high-pitched and harried—a tone I’ve never heard her use before, and one I’m not keen on exploring now.
“Have to be going!” I lift my hand and give them a thumbs-up. “Talk soon!”
Like a teenager running off with the town bad boy, I hike up my skirt and climb onto the motorbike behind Tommy. He clasps my hands together securely over his stomach.
“Hold on tight, lass.”
I do just that—squeezing my arms around his solid frame and resting my cheek against the warm leather on his back as he revs the engine to life and we pull away with a roar that vibrates in my bones.
And as strange as it is—or maybe it’s not strange at all—I’ve never felt safer.

About Emma:

New York Times bestselling author Emma Chase writes contemporary romance novels known for their clever banter, emotional, and sexy, swoonworthy moments. Her books have been translated into over twenty languages around the world. 

Emma lives in New Jersey with her amazing husband, two spirited children, and two adorable, but badly behaved, dogs. She has a long standing love/hate relationship with caffeine. 

Connect with Emma:

You can find Emma at