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My new neighbor is a firefighter—and a scorching hot single dad—but I swear I didn’t set off that smoke alarm on purpose.

Ignite, an all-new smoking hot, single dad romantic comedy from USA Today and #1 Amazon bestselling author Melanie Harlow, is available now!

My new neighbor is a firefighter—and a scorching hot single dad—but I swear I didn’t set off that smoke alarm on purpose.

(And I was beyond mortified when he rushed in and saw me naked.)

Nothing happened, of course—because I, Winnie MacAllister, romance junkie and owner of a constantly broken heart, have sworn off men for one solid year.

Even protective men with chiseled jaws, bulging biceps, and deep brown eyes that make my breath come faster. Even former SEALs with broad chests and strong hands that make my skin sizzle. Even gorgeous, grumpy guys who have their hands full raising two adorable little girls and claim they don’t believe in love.

Until Dex kisses me one night, and I drop all my defenses.

(Also my underwear.)

He says he’s not gentle, and he’s right. He says I should take the dream job I’m offered in another state, and he’s right. He says he’s too old for me and could never be the man I deserve.

He’s wrong.

Dex and I might be twelve years apart, but the fire between us is the kind that will never burn out.

How can I convince him to give happily-ever-after with me a chance?


5* read.
I have to admit I don't usually read age gap romances. Not that there's anything wrong with them, it's just not a genre I've ever really tried. Boy was I missing out.
Dex and Winnie have this insane instant chemistry that Dex really tries to ignore due to him being older than Winnie. You can't fight attraction though no matter how much he tries. There were times in this book where I could have literally screamed in Dexs face to wake up/man up (sorry Dex). But I also understand why he was the way he was.
Dex's kids Luna and Hallie made this book extra special for me. The things they came out with were just hilarious. I loved Dex and Winnie's connection, but I also loved the kids' connection to them and how they all interacted and bantered together throughout the book. Dex is a great dad and you can tell how much he loves his kids, yet he doesn't believe in love or a fairytale ending. I was rooting for him to open up and let Winnie in and I just loved going on their journey with them.
This is a great read with characters you can't help but love. Roll on the next book.

Fall in love with Winnie and Dex for ZERO PENNIES in Kindle Unlimited today!
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3kePkO0
Amazon Worldwide: http://mybook.to/IgniteHarlow

Audio Coming Soon, narrated by Stephen Dexter & Kirsten Leigh


She looked a little nervous, not that I blamed her, as she held out a small pink box of Band-Aids. “I had these lying around and thought Luna might want them for her knee. Band-Aids sometimes come off in the shower, so . . .” 

I reached out and took them from her, noticing she was careful not to let our fingers touch this time. “Thanks.” 

“That’s it—I just wanted to—um, okay, have a good night.” She turned to leave, and I probably should have let her.

“Wait a second.” 

She faced me again, her expression still wary. 

“I’m sorry about that.” I gestured over my shoulder with the pink box. “My ex-wife—the girls’ mom—knows how to get a rise out of me.” 

“Oh, that’s okay. It’s none of my business, and I didn’t really hear anything.” It was obvious she’d heard everything. 

I nodded slowly. “Well, thanks for the Band-Aids. Luna will appreciate it.”

 Her smile was back, along with that stutter in my chest. “Good. Enjoy your night.” 

“You too.” 

She turned around and went down the steps, cutting across the lawn to her place with that same youthful bounce in her step. Glancing down at the box, I shook my head—of course she had a whole thing of pink princess Band-Aids. I shut the door and trudged up the stairs to get the kids cleaned up. 

Hallie went first, after a brief attempt to get me to let her wear socks in the shower. As usual, I refused, explaining again that the entire house had been thoroughly cleaned before we moved in, and I’d been here yesterday to make sure of it. 

While she was getting dressed, I made sure Luna washed her hair and used soap, then helped her get dried off. After hanging up their towels, I double-checked that they’d chosen appropriate clothing and was just about to get in my own shower when I heard a series of high-pitched beeps. 

“What’s that?” Hallie said, scrunching up her face. 

Instantly on high alert, I put my hand up. “Shh.” I heard it again, and recognized it as a smoke detector going off, but not in our house—we were hearing it through the walls. “Stay here.” 

I raced out of their room and took the stairs down three at a time, jumping to the bottom with five to go. Barreling out my front door, I ran over to Winnie’s and knocked. The alarm was clearly coming from inside her unit, and when she didn’t answer the door, I made a split-second decision to bust in. 

Fortunately, the door wasn’t locked. 

I shouldered it open, relieved when I didn’t see or smell smoke right away. Winnie’s townhouse was laid out exactly like mine, and I immediately realized the detector going off was upstairs. Racing up the steps three at a time, I reached the master bedroom doorway just in time to see Winnie climbing onto a suitcase, one hand reaching toward the ceiling to disconnect the unit. 

My jaw dropped. 

She was totally naked and dripping wet.

One hand was clutching a small towel to her chest that didn’t fucking hide anything . Behind her, steam from her shower billowed from her bathroom, which must have been what set off the alarm—some detectors are that sensitive. Behind me, I heard clamoring on the stairs, and a second later both Hallie and Luna rushed into the bedroom. 

Startled, Winnie looked over and saw us. Her eyes went wide as she screamed, lost her footing, and toppled backward off the suitcase. She landed hard on her ass, arms and legs flailing like a rag doll. 

Averting my eyes, I strode over and disconnected the unit while she scrambled toward the bathroom on her hands and knees, presumably in search of a bigger towel. 

But then she slammed the door . . . and didn’t come out. 

The eighty-five decibel alarm had ceased, but the sirens in my head continued.

I looked at the girls. Luna had her hands over her mouth. Hallie’s eyes were wide, and she pointed to the bathroom door. “Winnie was naked,” she whispered. “We saw her bum.” 

“Quiet,” I scolded angrily. “You two were supposed to stay at our house. You didn’t follow my orders.” 

“But Daddy, we were scared,” Luna said. Her hair was still wet and tangled. “We came to find you.”

“We’ll talk about it later, but when I tell you to stay put, you stay put-especially in an emergency. Understand?” 

They nodded. 

“Now go back to our house, both of you.”

“But what about Winnie? Is she okay?”

I went over to the bathroom door and knocked, trying not to picture her naked. The shower wasn’t running anymore. “Winnie? Are you okay?” 

“I’m fine!” 

“Are you hurt?”

 “I’m fine!” she repeated in the same false, bright tone.

A tiny smile inched onto my lips. “Are you sure?”

About Melanie Harlow
USA Today bestselling author Melanie Harlow likes her martinis dry, her heels high, and her history with the naughty bits left in. When she's not writing or reading, she gets her kicks from TV series like Ted, Lasso, Schitt’s Creek, and Fleabag. She occasionally runs three miles, but only so she can have more gin and steak.

Melanie is the author of the BELLAMY CREEK series, the CLOVERLEIGH FARMS series, the ONE & ONLY series, AFTER WE FALL series, the HAPPY CRAZY LOVE series, and the FRENCHED series. She lifts her glass to romance readers and writers from her home near Detroit, MI, where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and pet rabbit.

Connect with Melanie
Facebook: http://bit.ly/2RPwr51
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I knew her only as Carmen, the little hottie from a night of passion in Vegas, the love of my life!

15 years later after tracking down a cyber thief who has stolen millions from me and my family, I’m holding a gun to her head thanks to her dumb-ass son! Only he’s not just her son… secrets are exposed and just when I think things can’t get any worse? The Cartel are after them.


My teenage son leaves a trail of destruction in his wake, the latest, stealing millions from a Mafia family. Cal the sexy man from my past comes barreling back into my life, as if it isn’t chaotic enough, he’s holding a gun to my head.

My ex-lover is now my savior, only I’m not sure he can handle the number of secrets and chaotic baggage we bring. 

*The first book of five in the 'Secrets and Lies Series' based around the O’Connell family. They are part of an Irish Mafia family. Each book follows the story of one of the five brothers.

4.5* read.
This is the first book in a new series and boy what a start. I have to admit this book is the first book I've read by this author, so I'm looking forward to seeing what other delights I can buy to read next.
Carmen and Cal first meet in Vegas and end up having a one night stand and then going their separate ways. Fast forward to years later and a surprising twist brings them back together. Cal is from the mafia family so as you can guess that is gonna cause a lot of drama. When he see's Carmen again he doesn't expect to be hit with this big secret that she's kept for all these years. The chemistry and connection I felt instantly with these two. I invested in their story and relationship and could not put this book down.
This book is pact full of twists and turns and enough drama to keep you gripped till the very last page. 

Meet BJ Alpha

BJ Alpha is a  new author
from the UK.  She  loves to both read and write steamy romance novels.
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Cover Reveal 

Release Date: December 26

From USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Sucevic comes the next sexy standalone novel in the Campus Series.

Carson Roberts is Western University’s most sought after tight end.  He’s the total package.  A pretty face to go along with all those sculpted muscles—check.  An Academic All-American—double check.  A guaranteed one-way ticket to the NFL after graduation—triple check.

Did I also happen to mention that he’s my brother’s best friend, which means I grew up with the guy and have crushed on him for nearly just as long?

We’re talking a decade of unrequited yearning.  Don’t worry, I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that he’ll never see me as anything more than the little sis he never had.

Sort of.

And even if he did just so happen to notice that I’ve filled out and no longer wear braces, Brayden would have a major conniption.  When it comes to the male species, he’s ridiculously overprotective.  Any guy who has so much as given me a bit of side-eye has been treated to a swift and memorable beat down.

Which is precisely why I’m still in possession of my V-card.

Want to know how to make being a nineteen-year-old virgin with a major crush on her brother’s best friend even more pathetic?

Blurt out at a frat party that you’ve spent all these years saving yourself for him.  Sadly, I can’t even blame it on the alcohol because I don’t drink.

If you’re thinking it can’t possibly get more humiliating than that, you’d be wrong.

Oh.  So.  Wrong.

*This is a mature New Adult novel with strong language and sexual situations intended for readers over the age of 18*

Add To Your Goodreads TBR List!

Meet Jennifer Sucevic

Jennifer is a USA Today bestselling author who has published seventeen New Adult and Mature Young Adult novels.  Her novels have been translated into both German and Dutch.  Audiobooks are also in the works.  She has a bachelor’s degree in History and a master’s degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  She spent five years working as a high school counselor before relocating with her family.  Jennifer lives in the Midwest with her husband and four children.

Connect with Jennifer Sucevic
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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Jonah Bennett, an all new moving novella that will leave you wanting more from New York Times bestselling author Tijan and 1,001 Dark Nights, is available now!

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Tijan comes a new story in her Bennett Mafia universe…

Jonah Bennett wasn’t like his family. The mafia business was firmly what his brothers did, not him.

That changed the day a rival family killed his fiancée.

**Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you'll enjoy each one as much as we do.**


5* read.
I honestly just love this author. I don't usually give 5 stars to a novella length book as I always find it hard to connect to the characters in the shorter space of time. That wasn't the case with this book though and that's all down to this extremely talented author.
Carson and Jonah first meet under horrible circumstances, but even so there's that instant connection felt. Their relationship and connection didn't feel rushed, it felt natural. Jonah is broke but Carson just fixes him in a way he never expects. I loved seeing glimpses of Jonah's brothers too and seeing how they all interact with each other. It was a jam pact book for a novella, full of twists and turns you never knew what to expect next. They go on a real emotional journey and as a reader you felt every last emotion with them. 
A book pact full of suspense that will have you gripped and on the edge of your seat. I can't wait for the next book by this author to hit my kindle.

Grab your copy today, exclusively on Amazon!
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3A3t52Z
Amazon Worldwide: http://mybook.to/JonahBen

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Jonah started around the end of the bed toward me, his head still down. 

I took a breath, flattening my hand against my stomach. It was rumbling all over the place. “I don’t know what your family does, but I’m not dumb.” I tipped my head up. 

He moved even closer. 

“Jonah.” My voice was wobbly. He had to know I wouldn’t say anything, do anything. “It was very obvious that your family is wealthy—like, the type I didn’t even know existed. All the guards? That’s scary. Whatever your family does, I don’t want to know. I don’t need to know. I won’t say anything.” 

He was in my space, but his eyes were soft. “It’s not that simple.” 

It had to be. Panic was branding me from the inside out. I had to convince him of this.

Would they kill me? 

No, this is Jonah. 

My God. Why did I have blinders with this guy? 

Jonah closed in, but he didn’t touch me. He stayed just out of touching distance, but he watched me, and I was flipping the fuck out.

I blinked away tears. “What are you going to do to me?” 

He stared long and hard, as if looking inside of me. Then he reached up, his hand cupping the side of my face. “I remembered you, too, after that night. You showed me kindness when no one should’ve been doing that. You did. That meant something to me.” 

I closed my eyes, wanting him to close the distance and wanting him to step away at the same time. Fear and desire pumped through my blood, heating me up. “Are you going to kill me?” 

His hand flexed against my cheek. 

I opened my eyes, finding his gaze on my lips. 

Oh man. What was he thinking? 

“Jonah,” I whispered. 

His eyes flickered, coming back into focus. 

“What are yo—” 

“No.” That’s all he said before he lowered his head, and his mouth touched mine. 

I gasped, grasping his wrist. 

He pulled back. Lust had darkened his eyes, but he was holding, waiting. 

He was waiting for me. 

My heart thumped against my chest. I knew what I wanted. 

Need flooded me. The ache inside me spread outward. 

I started without fully admitting to myself what I was going to do. I moved closer, my lips searching for his, and after another second’s hesitation, I let go of his wrist. I grabbed his shirt and raised up on my toes. 

I found him this time, and all the hesitation was over.

About Tijan
Tijan is a New York Times Bestselling author that writes suspenseful and unpredictable novels. Her characters are strong, intense, and gut-wrenchingly real with a little bit of sass on the side. Tijan began writing later in life and once she started, she was hooked. She’s written multi-bestsellers including the Carter Reed Series, the Fallen Crest Series, and the Broken and Screwed Series among others. She is currently writing a new series from north Minnesota where she lives with an English Cocker she adores.

Connect with Tijan
Amazon: https://amzn.to/30oxe0f
Twitter: http://bit.ly/2Vx4DpD
Instagram: http://bit.ly/2PyLhwy
Reader Group: http://bit.ly/38bz8nQ
Audiomen Group: https://bit.ly/3bFFKgB
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For More information about 1,001 Dark Nights, visit:
Facebook: https://bit.ly/37fl0uT
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Website: https://bit.ly/2AIIr3A
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The Pact, an all new marriage of convenience rom com from New York Times bestselling author Max Monroe is now available!

This Winslow Brother better buckle up—he has no idea what's coming.

Sexy bachelor Flynn Winslow is such a man of mystery, not even his four siblings know the details of his life. He's quiet, patient, and kind, and when the time comes for a cool headed perspective, he's always the man for the job.

But over a decade ago, a fortune teller predicted that one day Flynn would make a pact with a beautiful stranger and his life would take a drastic turn...

This Winslow Brother better buckle up—he has no idea what's coming.


4.5* read.
This is the second book in the Winslow Brothers series, but can be read as a standalone which is what I did. Believe it or not I've never actually read any books by this author before but I'm looking forward to going back and reading more. 
Daisy and Flynn, wow the chemistry and banter between these two was fire. I loved the dynamic between them. Despite been complete opposites they just work. Daisy is well slightly crazy and such a joy to read about. Flynn is more reserved. Together, although complete opposites, they were just a perfect match and I loved their journey of a story.
This is romantic comedy wrote at its best. A funny light-hearted read I found myself entrapped in from the start.

Get ready to laugh and swoon!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3tmfn9l
Amazon Worldwide: http://mybook.to/ThePact

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“Oh my gosh! I’m sorry!” A female voice grabs my attention, and I glance toward the entrance doors of the Wynn to find a blur of wild curls running like a banshee. She bumps into several people trying to get outside, and more apologies blurt from her lips as she almost takes out an older gentleman wearing a cowboy hat.

The man is none too pleased, but his annoyance doesn’t stop her. Out onto the pavement of the driveway, she stumbles a bit on her sky-high heels as she continues her fast-track path to who knows where.

She comes to a halting stop in the center of the entrance driveway, in the middle of cars and only a few feet from my bike, and looks around maniacally with her big green eyes.

What is she doing?

Her breaths come out in harsh pants, and she chaotically brushes pieces of her wild mane of curls out of her face.

“You okay?” I find myself asking, and she snaps her eyes toward mine.

She stares at me like I just asked her to solve an advanced calculus problem, and I lift the visor up on my helmet to repeat my question. “You okay?”

She shakes her head and digs her teeth into the meat of her full, red-painted lips. But just as she opens her mouth to respond, a man in a well-fitted suit comes bursting out of the entrance doors, yelling, “Daisy!”

The beautiful but possibly insane woman shuts her eyes on a heavy sigh, and by the sag in her shoulders and frown on her lips, I have a feeling she’s the Daisy he’s calling for.

“Daisy! Honey! Wait up!”

“Fuck,” she mutters, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out Crazy Daisy wants nothing to do with this guy.

Maybe he’s the reason for her abrupt departure and reckless sprint out of the casino?

This guy could be her boyfriend. FiancĂ©. Husband. I don’t fucking know what. But whoever he is, she wants distance. That much is apparent.

And even though I’m supposed to meet my brothers at one of the Wynn’s bars in about ten minutes, the urge to help her is too strong to ignore.

It’s a rare thing for a guy like me, to be honest. I don’t meddle in other people’s shit, but the panicked look on her face makes me want to give her the escape she needs.

But before I know it, before I can even offer the help, she takes it for herself.

About Max Monroe
A duo of romance authors team up under the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling pseudonym Max Monroe to bring you sexy, laugh-out-loud reads.

Max Monroe is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of more than ten contemporary romance titles. Favorite writing partners and long time friends, Max and Monroe strive to live and write all the fun, sexy swoon so often missing from their Facebook newsfeed. Sarcastic by nature, their two writing souls feel like they’ve found their other half. This is their most favorite adventure thus far.

Connect with Max Monroe
BookBub: http://bit.ly/3bJFJJh
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2ReoxkK
Facebook: http://bit.ly/31XxggS
Instagram: http://bit.ly/39wuCkW
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Website: https://www.authormaxmonroe.com/

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 Release Date: November 16

Love sucks.
Especially when your own brother and fellow band-mate stole the woman you were in love with.
Sitting in a Michigan recording studio with him, singing lyrics he wrote about her, is a special kind of torture.
The only thing more frustrating might be the producer’s assistant who radiates sunshine and has more motivational quotes than a greeting card company.

Love rocks.
Heavy guitars, a voice with the burn of pure single malt, and lyrics that distil the meaning of love are the greatest things.
If only the man singing didn’t have a temperament as foul as the Michigan winter. Jase sitting in her car while yelling at her to get him out of there is a surprise. Why she hits the accelerator and takes him to her father’s cabin on the lake is an even greater mystery.

How was she supposed to know they’d end up snowed in for days? Or that when they got out again, their relationship, and her views on love, would be changed irrevocably?


5* read. 
This is the second book in the Excess All Areas series. I would say it probably could be read as a standalone but you should really read book one in this series first to better understand the characters (especially Jase). I just don't think you'd get the same from this book without reading One Day Like This first.
So this is Jase and Cerys story. They go on a real journey throughout this book. Jase is a really troubled character, very angry at everything especially at Matt which is obviously causing a lot of tension in the band. You see him grow up a lot throughout this book, aswell as learn how to deal with the waves more (you'll understand what I mean by waves after reading the book). Cerys is trying to have a relationship with her dad Jimmy who has never been around. Both dealing with their own issues and drama but find themselves gravitating towards each other. The chemistry and sexual tension was obvious from the start and you really want these two to be together but also to sort out their own dramas.
I really enjoyed Jase and Cerys story. Its pact full of so many emotions and beautifully wrote by a really talented author. I can't wait for Lukes story next year, especially after that little sneak peak at the end.

Grab Your Copy Here:

Amazon | Kobo | Apple | Nook

Meet Scarlett Cole

The tattoo across my right hip says it all really. A Life Less Ordinary. Inked by the amazingly talented Luke Wessman at the Wooster Street Social Club (a.k.a. New York Ink). Why is it important? Well, it sums up my view on life. That we should all aspire to live a life that is less boring, less predictable. Be bold, and do something amazing. I’ve made some crazy choices. I’ve been a car maker, a consultant, and even a senior executive at a large retailer running strategy. 

Born in England, spent time in the U.S. and Japan, before ending up in Canada where I met my own, personal hero – all six and a half feet of him. Both of us are scorpios! Yeah, I know! Should have checked the astrological signs earlier, but somehow it works for us. We have two amazing kids, who I either could never part with or could easily be convinced to sell on e-bay.


I’ve wanted to be a writer for a really long time. Check through my office cupboards or my computer and you’ll find half written stories and character descriptions everywhere. Now I'm getting the chance to follow that dream.


I am represented by Beth Phelan at The Bent Agency, NY.

Connect with Scarlett Cole

Website | Newsletter | Facebook | Amazon Author Page | GoodreadsInstagram | Twitter | BookBub 

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Bad Cruz, an all-new romantic comedy with off the charts chemistry and sure to make you fall in love and LOL from Wall Street Journal bestselling author L.J. Shen is available now!

I would say Dr. Cruz Costello is my archenemy.
But that would require acknowledging one another, which we haven’t done in over a decade.

He’s the town’s golden child. The beloved quarterback-turned-physician.
I’m the girl who got knocked up at sixteen and now works at a diner.

He is Fairhope royalty.
I get my monarch dose from tabloid gossip.

He’s well-off.
I’m…well, off.

When our siblings get engaged, Cruz’s parents invite both families to a pre-wedding cruise.
Except Cruz and I find ourselves stuck on a different ship from everyone else.
Cue ten horrible, insufferable days at sea with a man I cannot stand.
(My fault, of course.)
But when the alcohol pours in, the secrets spill out, and I’m left with one question:
Can I take another chance on love?

Enjoy a laugh and fall in love today for ZERO PENNIES on Kindle Unlimited!
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3y7hM8u
Amazon Worldwide: http://mybook.to/BadCruz

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This whole day made me feel super prickly, but I still went with it. Unfortunately, I had no say in this, since I had lost a bet.

Then there was Trinity and my parents’ wrath to think about. And the fact Bear deserved a mother who didn’t look like she practiced the most ancient profession in the world.

Also, privately, I could admit I really, really liked the Anthropologie dresses. 

“I think I’m starting to get a feel of what you’re into,” Cruz said when we got out of the store, which by the way, smelled like a new car and someone’s upscale bathroom.

I ignored his observation. I already felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman without being told I was on the cusp of self-discovery and inner transformation.

Next, we went to Free People, where I grabbed a few pairs of pants and some casual shirts and jackets. Then we went to a bohemian boutique, something small and not too pricey, and Cruz splurged on two pairs of sandals for me—both orthopedic but surprisingly not hideous—and a little purse that didn’t look like a tie-dyed squirrel. 

I didn’t thank him one time during the entire shopping trip, careful to remind him that it was his idea, not mine.

Finally, around two in the afternoon, when I was ready for my lunch (more like in danger of eating my own arm), he stopped in front of Prada.

He jerked his chin inside. “Ladies first.” 

“Are you crazy?” I glared at him. “I’m not really going to let you buy me anything from there.”

I knew I’d joked about it the other day, but I also joked about having Benicio del Toro’s babies, and I sure as heck was closed for business. 

“It’s an outlet.”

“It’s outrageous,” I countered. “I don’t care how much money someone has, a five hundred dollar scarf is excessive.”

“Quality costs.”

“Say that to my Kmart shoes. They’ve been servin’ me well for three years and counting. Even when I work double shifts.” I was surprised my feet didn’t slap my face for lying.

“I try not to converse with inanimate objects as a general rule. Why do you even care? It’s my money. I get to decide what I want to spend it on.”

“Why would you want to spend it on a semi-stranger you don’t even like?”

“This semi-stranger I don’t even like is about to become my family. Besides, I’m a shitty tipper.”

We were blocking the entrance to Prada, but that was all right, because no one but us seemed irrational enough to wander in.

There was also a guard at the entrance. A flipping guard. It made me want to throw up. I would never, ever walk into a store where some people might not feel welcome.

People like my mom.

Or like me, for that matter. 

“Ugh, don’t remind me.” I thumbed my nose at him, adamant to put up a fight. “I’d hate to be associated with you. You may ruin my reputation.” 

“Your reputation’s in the shitter,” he reminded me kindly.

“Yeah, well, maybe it’ll find your kissing technique there, since it seems to be in the same destination. What the hell was that about yesterday?”

Classic aversion.

I was a master of misdirection. 

“You enjoyed it,” he said calmly. 

“Did not.”

“Did, too.”

Lord, I had.

And not only had I enjoyed it, but the fact that it had been sweet and intimate and not filthy and carnal had completely disarmed me. I still felt my pulse against my lips. Both pairs.

Mental note number one hundred and sixty: Charge. That. Vibrator.

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