Sunday, 30 September 2012

GuyLian Chocolate

Earlier in the week I was set a parcel from GuyLian to review. If you’re a follower of my blog you’ll know I absolutely love my chocolate so I couldn’t wait to try these, and with chocolate week coming up the 8-14th October that’s an even bigger excuse for me to eat chocolate, not that I ever need an excuse.

I was sent their Original Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells to review. Each chocolate is carefully crafted with a blend of delicious white, milk or dark Belgian chocolate. Not one of them has the exact the same marbled look as the other one which is what I love about these chocolates; they all look different and unique in their own way. They are all made of the finest Belgian chocolate filled and with the delicious Guylian roasted hazelnut praline. The original hazelnut praline recipe has not been changed in over 50 years, and why would they when they’ve found the perfect combination. Each of Guylian’s chocolate Sea Shells and seahorse chocolates are all made the Belgian way with 100% pure cocoa butter and have their unique hazelnut praline filling, made with caramelised and roasted hazelnuts, resulting in brilliantly shinning marbled shells with a divine taste.

My first reaction was what an absolute gorgeous box of chocolates. These would make a perfect present for someone or make a lovely treat for yourself. And when I opened them I was even more blown away, I couldn’t believe how exquisite they looked. I love the shapes and colours of them and how well their presented in the box. I also love that not one chocolate looks exactly the same. You can tell straight away that they take pride in their chocolates. In the Guylian Sea Shell boxes they consist of 11 different seashell shapes so I took separate pictures of all the different shapes and colours of them so you could see properly how exquisite they truly are. 
Sea Horse

 Sunrise shell










I love the taste of these chocolates, although they do look too good to eat that didn’t stop me for long. You can tell straight away from the amazing taste that they are made from the finest Brazilian chocolate, and this combined with the hazel praline filing makes these chocolates just to die for. They literally melt in your mouth. I would highly recommend you go buy a box, everyone deserves an indulgent treat.
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