Monday, 29 October 2012

Rachel’s Organic Yogurt

The other day I was sent some organic yogurt to try from
I absolutely love my yogurts, I nearly always have a yogurt for my breakfast, but I’ve never tried organic yogurts before so I couldn’t wait to try these.

Rachel’s are Britain’s first ever certified organic dairy. Made simply, with care and using only the very best locally sourced milk and the finest organic ingredients, Rachel’s are dedicated to creating gorgeously pure dairy goodness that taste as good as they look. I was sent the limited edition apple & cinnamon bio-live yogurt.
I absolutely loved the packaging, it was really eye catching and unique and I loved the pattern and the pictures. If I saw this on a supermarket shelf it would defiantly stand out to me and make me want to buy it.

What I also loved about the packaging was the fact that I was so easy to recycle. It had a bit at the side where it said tear here to separate for recycling. That meant you could easily tear that off and recycle the yogurt pot without any mess or hassle. I always recycle but it can get so annoying when you have to spend ages picking off a label, this just teared off in seconds. 

These yogurts are quite big at 450g each. I’ve never bought this size before, I always buy the little ones as I know I wouldn’t be able to eat it all in one go and I’d just end up wasting it. The difference with these to some other big yogurts are they come with a lid that’s easy enough to put back on so you could put back in the fridge and still keep it fresh for later or the next day, defiantly a big bonus for me and another reason why I would buy this yogurt.

Before I’d even opened the yogurt my first instinct was that I wouldn’t like it. Apple and Cinnamon isn’t a combination I ever would have thought of, let alone for a yogurt, and cinnamon isn’t something I’ve ever really liked. I had my fingers crossed that I would like it though as I really want to start eating more organic and healthy products. This is a limited edition apple & cinnamon bio-live yogurt that has been made simply, with care, using only the finest organic ingredients and it contains the yogurt cultures Lactobacillus acidophilus & Bifidobacterium.
From the first try of it I was quite surprised by how much I loved it. The apple and cinnamon went really well together as the cinnamon wasn’t too strong and complimented the apple flavour. The only thing I didn’t like was the added organic raisins but that’s a personal thing as I’ve never liked raisins in anything. It wasn’t a problem though as they were easy enough to pick out or to just push to the side. The flavour was amazing and the fact that it’s organic is even better. 

I cant wait to try all the other different flavours they sell and I highly recommend you give Rachel’s a go, once you’ve tried these you defiantly won’t go back to any other yogurt’s. You can find Rachel’s on: