Saturday, 22 June 2013

Baker Days Letterbox Cake

Baker Days make a range of cakes including a Letterbox cake which is what I was sent to review. It’s small enough to fit through the letterbox so perfect for busy people who don’t want to wait in for it.
They have a very impressive range of cakes and their website is really quick and easy to use. You can pick the occasion, cake design, size and flavour. You can also design your own; upload photos, or chose from one of their designs. And lastly you can choose the flavour from sponge, fruit, carrot, double choc chip, or gluten and wheat free cake.
For my review I decided to let them design one for me with a picture of my gorgeous dog. When it arrived I was blown away by how lovely it looked. I was dubious as to how a cake could be transported and put through a letterbox without been damaged at all but was pleasantly surprised. As you can see from the below picture it was delivered in a lovely cake tin which was also in a box that was letterbox size.

The cake tin was lovely and said Just for you on the tin.

When I opened the tin I was really happy with the quality of the cake and the design on it was lovely. And best of all it arrived all in one piece which I was amazed at. Letterbox cakes defiantly do work and can arrive in perfect condition. Also with it were a couple of balloons, candles, party blowers, and card which I thought was a lovely thoughtful little extra.

The cake itself not only looked great but tasted lovely too. The sponge itself was really light and lovely and moist, not dry at all. The icing itself was not too thick either and lovely and soft. I have to admit I’m not usually a fan of icing, I tend to pick it off, but this one was lovely and as I said it wasn’t too thick so was perfect. I was sent carrot flavour which was really lovely flavour and we all enjoyed it. 

These are great as a present for a loved one or for someone who lives far away. I will defiantly be purchasing from them again in the future.

Prices of the cake start from £14.99 including delivery. You can find Baker Days on the following links:


Saturday, 23 March 2013

Guylian Luxury Egg

If you’re a regular follower of my blog you’ll know that I’ve done a few reviews on Guylian chocolates. This time I’m reviewing their Luxury Egg for Easter. The Luxury Guylian chocolate egg is perfectly complimented by the accompanying box of Guylian’s Luxury Belgian Collection which includes a mixture of marbled Sea Horses, Opus pralines and fine La Perlina truffles, all in a lovely presented premium box.

I absolutely love Guylian chocolates so what better way to celebrate Easter then with your very own premium Guylian Luxury Egg.

First up I tried the Luxury Guylian chocolate egg. From the first bite you could tell the chocolate egg was made from the finest most luxuriate milk chocolate. Once you’d took one bite you just wanted to eat the whole thing. It literally just melted in your mouth. The chocolate itself was the perfect thickness as well, not to thin and not to thick. This is defiantly the perfect egg for Easter, one which you defiantly won’t want to share.

Next I tried the accompanying box of Guylian’s Luxury Belgian Collection which included a mixture of marbled Sea Horses, Opus pralines and fine La Perlina truffles.

La Perlina 
The first in the assortment I tried was the La Perlina truffles. La Perlina milk chocolate truffles are made from 74% fine milk chocolate and filled with a gorgeous velvety smooth milk truffle. These were yummy, they had a hard outer shell which when you bit into you got the smooth milk truffle. They literally melted in your mouth. They were in their own gold tray which made these look even more special. 

Sea Horses
Next up was the gorgeous and most popular marbled Guylian Sea Horses. The marbled and milk chocolate seahorses are filled with their unique hazelnut praline with finely ground hazelnuts to create the ultimate chocolate experience. Not only did they all look amazing, they tasted amazing too. All the different flavours just melted in your mouth and left you wanting more. These were also in their own separate tray which I loved.

Opus Pralines 
Lastly were the divine and classic Opus pralines. These bring a symphony of chocolates with a variety of shapes and fillings inspired by famous opera’s. Relive a scene from Romeo and Juliette with Guylian’s chocolate praline hearts or discover the world of Madame Butterfly with the orange cream filled pralines. An unparallelled chocolate experience that will create a chocolate symphony in your mouth. These were so unusual I absolutely loved the shapes of them and how they each had their own names.

Orange cream
(Puccini – Madame Butterfly)

Cappuccino with whole hazelnut
(Mozart – The Magic Flute)

Cappuccino cream
(Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata)

Praliné with whole hazelnut
(Donizetti – Daughter of the Regiment)

(Massenet – Manon)

Milk chocolate truffle
(Verdi – Aida) 

Hazelnut Praliné
(Gounod – Romeo & Juliet)

(Bach – Toccata and Fugue)

This is defiantly a must have for anyone this Easter, everyone deserves a treat and this is defiantly the most luxury treat you could get and you certainly won’t want to share.
You can find Guylian chocolates on: