Thursday, 7 May 2015

Aflame (Fall Away #4) by Penelope Douglas

If i could give this more then 5* i would, I loved it, every single last page of it. 
I have to admit this whole series is one of my favorite series if not my absolute favorites ever. I've laughed cried and melted through every single book devouring each last page till the early hours and Aflame was the perfect ending to an amazing series by a truelly talented author. 
In this last book before this one we were given a glimpse into Aflame so everyone knew straight away that Jared and Tate would be apart for some of this book. This angered a lot of readers who weren't happy with this decision, but i have to say Penelope took the story where it needed to go, like real life relationships aren't easy or smooth and sometimes time apart can make you that much stronger and actually related a lot to this story as it was quite similar to what happened to me and my boyfriend so I felt I connected to it. 
Jared and Tate are the perfect couple in my eyes they have ups and downs but in the end their love and connection makes them so strong together. My favourite quote was from mr panty dropper himself:
You’re written all over my body,” he spoke low, just for us. “The tattoos can never be erased. You hold my heart, and you can never be replaced". 
Throughout you also got to still see the other relationships between the interlocked characters and how they have progressed, and in the end everyone of their stories was wrapped up. 
I hope in the future we maybe get their kids stories, id love to see Jared as a protective dad and uncle. 
Thankyou Penelope for reminding me why I have the love for books and for an amazing series.

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