Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Myles (Carter Brother series #3) by Lisa Helen Gray

I’m Kayla Martin...

I was once sweet and innocent, saw the 

world bright with colour, but now all I see 

is black and white. He not only ripped my 

innocence away from me, tortured me and 

made my life a living hell, but he stole the 

very soul that made me who I am.

I’m a shell of the girl I once knew.

But it’s all about to change.

I’m ready to face my fear. And that’s going right back to the very 

place all this started. Grayson High. I’ve had to stay back a year to

 re-take my exams, back to the halls where students whispered, 

bullied, and taunted me.

It’s been four years and I’m still trying to perfect the art of faking.

It’s easy most of the time. My parents never really cared about me;

they just saw the fake smile and assumed everything was fabulous, 

until he waltzes back into my life.

Myles freaking Carter. My childhood crush. And he sees straight 

past my fake smiles to the broken girl inside. But what happens 

when he finds out about the real me...the broken, scared, weak girl?

My biggest fear is on the verge of becoming discovered because he

becomes my rock. I'm petrified that he'll find out what I've been 

hiding from everyone. Will he be able to look me in the eye once 

he finds out my secret?

I received a ARC in exchange for a honest review.
5* read.
First ill start by saying I LOVE this series and I LOVE this author so I was really lucky to get a arc for this one. I would actually give this more then the 5 stars if I could. I actually wasn't sure if id like Myles as much as the other brothers as he's always come across as more quiet and too good for my bad boy side that I love. I was so wrong and after this book he may actually be my favourite. The way this a author wrote such a  beautiful story of Myles and Kayla around such a hard topic blew me mind. It was heartbreaking in places yet so sweet and I've been rooting for these two since they first met in earlier books. the way Myles was with Kayla because of everything she'd been through was so sweet and beautiful I was ugly crying a good few times throughout.
There was a few spelling mistakes but i haven't marked down for this as I know how much of a game this author had on with having to change editors and getting it released on time, and the mistakes don't spoil this story at all so it didn't bother me.
As for the next book I can't wait, especially when its Max's turn, boy I can not wait to read this dirty talking bad boys story. Well done Lisa on another amazing book, cant wait for the next.


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