Wednesday, 30 November 2016

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Charlotte Banks (Charlie) is newly graduated from college and working in public relations. She is given a case that is just a bit too close to the heart. Joey Carino is a rock god, but now with his life spinning out of control, it's up to Charlie to try and save his reputation with his record label and his fans. However, dealing with Joey means dealing with Matthew Johns, Joey's best friend and Charlie's worst nightmare.
3.5* read.
I love rockstar romances, its one of my favourite genres so I was really excited to read this.
First off I loved the front cover, really eyecatching and was one of the main reasons I wanted to read this book. The front cover is always one of the first things that grabs my attention and the main reason I'll pick up a book. This was different to other rockstar books I've read and I did feel it was unique in its own way. I struggled with rating it between 3* and 4* because although I really enjoyed it I felt there was pieces missing and the characters were sometimes hard to connect with.
For me this was a great debut book and a author I will be keeping my eye on. The writing style flowed really well and I look forward to seeing her next book.
Laura Benson Bio:
Laura Benson was born in 1968, during a year of terrible strife.
She is a wife and the mother of two daughters, one stepson, and the grandmother of precocious 8- month old. With Two basset hounds and the Arizona dust, she can't seem to keep her floors clean.
Her penchant for wine has gotten her into more than trouble than necessary. Especially when she is with her friends.
Originally from Massachusetts, she made her way out west in 2013 and hasn't looked back. The lack of blizzards is big bonus to living in Arizona.
She started as a blogger in 2008, attended many book conventions and author signings and is ready for this new part of her life.

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