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After Our Kiss, a  all-new, dark and sexy standalone from Nora Flite is LIVE!!!  

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After Our Kiss by Nora Flite

Publication Date: August 29th, 2017 Genre: Contemporary Romance

I was thirteen when I was kidnapped.
Fourteen when he helped me escape.
Twenty-three before I ever saw him again.
His face is all over the news: he's a wanted man, now. Maybe my memory played tricks on me… but he looks so different. The boy who saved me years ago had a shy smile and dark, soulful eyes full of secrets.
This man has a hard jaw and a harder mouth. Lips that could never whisper sweet promises.
I knew him as a hero—my savior. I refuse to believe he could become a villain.
Not him.
Then he abducts me, proving me wrong.
He tells me he's going to take me apart and put me back together again. Make me what he needs me to be: a plaything for a monster.
It's the fate I escaped when I was fourteen. And that's when I finally understand.
He was never my hero.
He's the man who's going to break me.  


3* read.

I found the blurb really intriguing and was really looking forward to getting stuck in. Now my rating has nothing to do with this been a dark read, I love a good dark romance and have read quite a few over the years, I knew before I even picked the book up what I was getting into so it was nothing to do with it been dark. My rating is to do with the fact I couldn't take this book seriously, personally I felt it was completly unrealistic and bordering on the ridiculous side for me. Like I say I'm not new to the dark side if you follow my reviews I've gave alot of 5 star ratings for this type of genre. It had great potential it just failed to deliver and although I did enjoy it in a way that it entertained me it needs more development to bring this book up to scratch for me.


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Meet Nora Flite:

A USA Today Bestselling Author, Nora Flite lives in SoCal where the weather is warm and she doesn't have to shovel snow--something she never grew to love in her tiny home-state of Rhode Island. All of her romances involve passionate, filthy, and slightly obsessive heroes--because those are clearly the best kind! She's always been a writer, and you'll probably have to pry her keyboard/pen/magical future writing device out of her cold, dead fingers before she'll stop. She loves when people say hello! If you see her in the wild, walk up and start chatting. 15288719_626448247537694_1533231768482959405_o

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