Tuesday, 13 November 2018

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What do you do when one night just isn’t enough?
One Knight Stand, an all-new standalone contemporary romance by Jessica Prince is Live!
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Sutton Briar has lived the past several years doing everything in her power to remain invisible. Boxy skirts?
Oversized tops in muted colors?
Yes please!
She learned the hard way that gaining the attention of the opposite sex could lead down a very dangerous path. She’s content to blend in with the wallpaper, but then her boss makes a request she can’t refuse for fear of losing her job.
Pretend to be the girlfriend of legendary musician, Camden Knight.
There’s just one problem. She can’t stand him… and the feeling is mutual.
Camden Knight spent years burying a crucial part of himself from the public eye. But when a one-night stand gone horribly wrong blows the lid off his secret, the only hope of repairing the damage to his reputation comes at the hands of a woman he despises.
They’re complete opposites in every way, but what starts as a fake relationship quickly turns into something neither of them expected. And what was supposed to be only one night leaves them both wanting so much more.
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4.5* read.
(Due to a mix up on my emails this is a little later then its meant to be, apologies for that but definatly go buy this book asap.) 
Now this book can be read as a standalone although it does have connections to this authors Civil Corruption series and you see characters from there in here.
I only recently came across this authors Civil Corruption series when I was looking for a new book whilst in one of my book slumps. After reading the first book in the series I then went on to buy all the others staright away, and binge read that weekend. It was an addictive read which I'm so glad I came across. So when I found out that Camden Knight, Tate’s BFF, was getting his own book I was so excited. Camden needs a complete image overhaul after a one night stand that goes horribly wrong and is splashed all over the papers and internet tarnishing his image. In gets shoved Suton who really doesn't want anything to do with a rock star. Suton has been through hell and I got really emotional reading what she's been through. But to see her overcome things and go on her journey with her made this a great read. The chemistry between her and Camden was electric and their banter had me laughing out loud. I did also feel sorry for Camden as he didn't deserve what happened to him but again I enjoyed reading his story and see him developing as a character.
The one negative I will say about this book (and why it lost half a star rating) is that Suton's pov was wrote in first person, Camden's was in third person and as I was reading I did find myself sometimes getting lost and thinking wait what was that. I loved the storyline and the characters and everything else, I just wish it hadnt kept switching between first and third person as that kind of spoiled it a bit for me. If one type of narrative had been stuck to through the book then it would have been more then a 5 star read for me.
I'm looking forward to the next book.

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About Jessica Prince:
Born and raised around Houston Texas, Jessica spent most of her life complaining about the heat, humidity, and all around pain in the ass weather. It was only as an adult that she quickly realized the cost of living in Houston made up for not being able to breathe when she stepped outside. That's why God created central air, after all.
Jessica is the mother of a perfect little boy--she refuses to accept that he inherited her attitude and sarcastic nature no matter what her husband says.
In addition to being a wife and mom, she's also a wino, a coffee addict, and an avid lover of all types of books--romances still being her all time favs. Her husband likes to claim that reading is her obsession but she just says it's a passion...there's a difference. Not that she'd expect a boy to understand.
Jessica has been writing since she was a little girl, but thankfully grew out of drawing her own pictures for her stories before ever publishing her first book. Because an artist she is not.
Connect with Jessica Prince:
Jessica's Princesses: http://bit.ly/JPsPrincesses

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