Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Three Dirty Secrets (Blindfold Club, #4) by Nikki Sloane

Title: Three Dirty Secrets
Series: Blindfold Club #4 
Author: Nikki Sloane
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
 Release Date: January 26, 2016


No man can own me. I negotiate sex for money at an illicit blindfold club, but my body is not for sale. I don’t submit and I don’t surrender.

Until I meet him. This beautiful artist’s tattoo now covers the scar of the worst mistake of my life.

Being with him could expose everything I’ve been hiding, and although there’s so much at stake, I can’t stop myself. The battle for control between us is too hot, too powerful to resist.

With all my dirty secrets, what’s going to happen when he forces me to come clean?

I received a ARC in exchange for a honest review. 
5* read. 
Where do I start with this book except to say I need a really cold shower after it. This has to be one of the hottest and most erotic books I've read and even though I don't usually like erotic romances I completely fell in love with this one. I Mainly don't like that type of book because with some authors all they write is just sex sex sex and no storyline. While I love the sex side I need to have characters I can connect to and a story that grabs me which this did. Regan and Silas were so hot and their chemistry straight away was explosive. Not only that but I invested in their characters and their journey and the way they progressed through the book. This book was so far out what I normally read but it is defiantly one of my favourite books of this year so far. I can't wait to read more by this author.

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Author Bio

Nikki Sloane landed in graphic design after her careers as a waitress, a screenwriter, and a ballroom dance instructor fell through. For eight years she worked for a design firm in that extremely tall, black, and tiered building in Chicago that went through an unfortunate name change during her time there. Now she lives in Kentucky and manages a team of graphic artists. She is married and has two sons, writes dirty books, and couldn't be any happier.

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