Thursday, 26 July 2018


Dr. Fellatio, an all-new standalone Romantic Comedy is NOW LIVE!!

Women hire me, pay me an exorbitant amount of money, to teach them the art of...oral stimulation. I'm what people have referred to as a "professional blower."
In college, it was a great way to make money, needing the extra cash to get me through school. By the time I graduated, I saw the potential to earn more than my degree would ever be able to offer me.
I had a good run...until my ex's new girlfriend hired me to teach her how to please him.
Or so I thought.


4* read.

This is my first book by Stella (a talented duo of authors), although it isn't the first book they've actually wrote together I just haven't read them yet. I can be a bit funny with duo authors as I feel sometimes it just doesn't work mixing two authors together. That wasn't the case with this though as it was a great read that flowed well.

Chris and Lexi are the main charcters and they have a past, they were college sweethearts but when life happens they end up agreeing to split up. 5 years later they both see each other again, both blaming the other for spliting up which does lead to quite a bit of angst and drama. They've both got a second chance now the question is will they take it? A massive rollercoaster of a read this will keep you on the edge of your seat till the last page. One thing I wasn't to keen on was the flashbacks in the story, but I do know they needed to be shown so you could see their past relationship I just found it to be a bit to jumpy.

I'm looking forward to more books from this duo.

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About Stella:

When two romance authors, Leddy Harper and Stephie Walls, join know it's going to be STELLA

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