Saturday, 11 July 2015

Sofia (Bittersweet Familia #4) by Melissa Jane

Everyone has a story.
For Marcela Ortiz, hers is not one she wants to remember.
Deceived by those closest to her, Marcela is thrown deep into a world of violence, corruption and trafficking. The dark, sinister world belonging to one Hector Florez, Mexico’s leading cartel boss.
What he wants is control.
What she craves is her freedom.
To survive, Marcela must overcome the demons who promise to destroy her and challenge fate to a story she has only dreamed of.
SOFIA, the final instalment of the Bittersweet series is built on heartache, revenge and redemption.
One unlikely group of people.
One common enemy.
Many stories.

I received a ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review.
4.5* read.
This is the fourth book in the series and in my opinion you really need to read the first three books before this one to fully appreciate this book otherwise you wont get this book at all. Its hard to give a review without giving to much away so I'll keep this short and sweet and. this is a gripping, intense, dark suspenseful book that takes you on a compete emotional ride throughout and I loved every minute of it. It is a dark read and there could be some triggers for some readers. 

I was gripped from the first chapter with this book and is full of surprises. I'm not usually a dark book type of girl ( I admit I'm more of a soft center) but this book is so well wrote and its such a gripping series that the dark side of it just added to it for me and I loved getting out of my comfort zone.
Well done Melissa on an amazingly gripping series that worked well on my dark side. Cant wait to see what else you write.




#1 Little Doll

#2 Crimson Desert

#3 Laughing Eyes

“I was a fool tonight,” Xavier began, causing me to frown at him in confusion.
“How so?”
“I should have kissed you on the dance floor. That way I would’ve had a whole night of tasting you.”
I didn’t know what to say, the breath had been sucked clean from me. His delicious lips hovered next to mine, a magnetic pull between us becoming too hard to bear.
“I can’t wait any longer,” he whispered.
“I don’t want you to wait.” A tingling sensation roared through my body and I knew I wanted this more than anything. He answered my silent pleas by pulling me against his hard body and lowering his lips to graze mine. It was a tease. A small taster of things to come. But I was already weak at the knees. I wanted him to possess me. His hands formed tighter fists in my hair, his hooded eyes telling me he could wait no longer. Xavier’s lips came crashing onto mine, claiming the last of my strength. I melted into him, responding to his tongue while failing to disguise the gentle moan passing between us. It was everything I had fantasized it to be. It was everything I had craved. He tasted sweet from sugary mojito’s, his passion a fury that couldn’t be tamed.

A recent bloomer in the writing world, Melissa Jane has delved into a complex world where light and dark clash in unforgivable ways. Romanticism takes on darker influences while malevolence attempts to interfere with courage. Jane knows no boundaries when it comes to discovering the endless personalities that exist within our world. No one is exempt from love, not even those condemned to a life of pain and betrayal where revenge is the only safe passage to true freedom.


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