Sunday, 21 October 2012 review of chocolate pills

Yesterday I was sent a lovely parcel from is the online gift shop with gifts and gift ideas for everyone. It’s the place to go to find unusual, useful, personalised or completely off the wall gifts as well as stylish home and garden furnishings. started out as a family-run company operating out of a tiny rented office in Leicestershire. Since then the company has grown and continues to expand.

Inside the parcel was a lovely treat called Chocolate Pills. These are Pills full of dark chocolate goodness for your pleasure. I absolutely loved the packaging. On the front it said Doctor Indulgence prescribes 30 pills and then there was a space where you could write there name. 

The back of the packaging was just as good and quirky as the front. It had a message from doctor indulgence which really made me smile. I took close up pictures so you could read it for yourself. It’s the little things like this that made this such a unique and fab product.

Inside were 3 blister packs to keep each little pill fresh which included 30 delicious dark chocolate pills altogether. The pills were actually the perfect size to get your chocolate fix and are also the perfect size to keep in your handbag for when many of life’s ups and downs hit you then all you need is your emergency chocolate pill. 

These were so quirky and unusual. There are a lot of different chocolate products out there but I’ve never seen anything like this before and I think it would make a great present or even just to buy for yourself. I actually took a pack in my handbag when I went shopping yesterday as I always get stressed when I’m shopping so this was the perfect fix I needed. When I took them out my friend couldn’t believe what she was seeing, like me she’d never seen anything like it before and was completely amazed. I give her one to try and then had to promise to send her the link for them so she could buy some for herself. Like me once you’ve tried one you’re in chocolate heaven and need more.

Please note: While these pills are great fun for adults, they are not intended for children as impressionable youngsters could confuse chocolate pills with real pills and therefore should not be exposed to them.

If you’d like to buy these you can get them on:

Or if you’d like to have a look at all the other amazing products sell then you can find them on the following links:





  1. Thanks for this review :)
    I was considering buying some as fun christmas present sbut wasn't sure but you've now convinced me!
    Great review!

    1. your very welcome and aww thankyou so much, im glad you liked my review and that it helped to make your mind up. They'll definatly make fab christmas prsents :) x

  2. now these are the sort of pills I would love to take daily!

    1. haha there good arent they, definatly a good daily pill to take lol x