Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Chocolate by Genevie

The other day I was sent some gorgeous chocolates to review from the lovely company called Chocolate by Genevie. Chocolate by Genevie are an online company where you will find the finest chocolates that make the ideal luxury gift for the people you love, or even to just treat yourself. Only the finest ingredients are used in their chocolates which are packaged and delivered 1st Class Royal Mail to the UK.

All of the boxes are hand decorated with silk and butterfly emblems making sure that each chocolate box are special and unique. 

They have tasted and tested many chocolates from around the world to find the best, and finally found a small Belgian supplier who makes chocolates that are just divine. Chocolate by Genevie are a small family business dedicated to sourcing and supplying chocolate that is second to none. Every one of their chocolate products are exclusive to the website and you will never see any of their products in shops or sold on other sites. There chocolates really are one of a kind.
I was sent a box of 16 premium Belgian chocolates set in a stunning aqua box that was hand decorated with silk and a butterfly emblem. I absolutely loved the presentation of the box when I first saw it. It was so pretty and unique and I couldn’t wait to try the chocolates. When I opened it I was amazed by the high quality of the chocolates, they all looked amazing. 

I’ve taken separate pictures of all the different chocolates and explained each one so you could get a sense of how amazing and stunning they are.

Naugat Praline

This is a soft centre naugat praline thats finely textured and cased in a white chocolate crisp shell. I love white chocolate so this was perfect for me. I loved the pattern on it too, was really outstanding and the taste was amazing. The naugat praline mixed perfectly with the white chocolate to give a mouth-watering taste. 

Champagne Truffle

Next was the champagne truffle which is made with real champagne and tastes divine. It’s made of 2 of my favourite things, chocolate and champagne all in one, yum. I was a bit worried the champagne would be too strong in it but it actually mixes really well and has to be one of my favourites.

Dark Chocolate Marzipan

I tried dark chocolate marzipan next which has a textured marzipan centre with a dark chocolate outer shell decorated with a single almond. The rich dark chocolate blends perfectly with the soft subtle centre and I was really surprised by how much I actually liked this one. Dark chocolates not my favourite kind of chocolate but mixed with the marzipan centre it was lovely and the chocolate wasn’t bitter like some dark chocolates can be.

Cappuccino Truffle

Now for this one I got my mam to taste it as I don’t like Cappuccino but it’s my mams favourite kind of chocolate so I thought it was only fair to let her have this one. She said the chocolate had such a lovely high quality taste and mixed with the cappuccino was really amazing. 

Almond Praline

This is a Milk chocolate outer shell with a yummy soft almond praline centre decorated with a whole almond. I love praline so this was defiantly one of my favourites too. The almond praline was to die for, it literally melted in your mouth, yum.

Milk Truffle

Next was the yummy Milk chocolate truffle which had a creamy milk chocolate outer shell with a textured finish, and a smooth creamy chocolate ganache. This was my favourite out of all of them. I absolutely love milk chocolate truffles and this one just melted in your mouth. The chocolate again is of such a high quality that it makes these chocolates so unique and yummy.


This is Smooth ganache centre fused with Cointreau and cased in white chocolate. I absolutely loved the texture of this one it looked too good to eat, as do all the chocolates in the box. The white chocolate was a perfect mix when fused with the Cointreau.

Dark Chocolate Truffle

A truly classic chocolate truffle with a textured dark chocolate outer shell and a rich dark chocolate ganache inner that is made with cream and 72% pure cocoa. I actually really liked this one, the dark chocolate wasn’t to strong and the texture was really lovely.

Pistachio Praline

This one has a crème advokaat and praline centre that is cased in a creamy milk chocolate outer shell and beautifully finished with a whole pistachio nut. I loved the flavours of this one. Again this is a really unusual mix but works so well and just literally melts in your mouth.

Pineapple & Coconut

Next was the pineapple and coconut chocolate to try which has milk chocolate outer shell with a tropical pineapple and coconut praline. This was so unusual, the flavours of fresh fruit and creamy milk chocolate just mixed together so well to make this completely unique chocolate taste amazing. I thought I really wouldn’t like this as I’m not a big pineapple fan, but mixed with the coconut it tasted amazing. Again this is another mix that you would never think would work till you give it a try.

White Truffle

Lastly was the white truffle which had a white chocolate textured outer shell filled with smooth creamy vanilla ganache. As I mentioned earlier truffles are my favourite so mixed with the white chocolate this was my perfect chocolate made even better by the high quality of it.
As you can see from my review these chocolates really are amazing and there’s something to suit everyone which is even better. You can buy Chocolate by Genevie on the following website:
You can also find Chocolate by Genevie on:


  1. Wow well there's something new! I couldn't think of anything better to review ;)

  2. What a lovely presented box. Fab chocolates as well, thanks for all the photo's. It would make a great Christmas present - if I could bear to give it away :0)

  3. Lovely presented box. Would make a great Christmas present if I could bear to give them away :o) Great review and thanks for all the photo's, really tempting.

    1. thankyou hun glad you liked it, and they would definatly make a fab christmas present only think id eat them first before they got there lol x

  4. They look and sound delicious. Beautiful box too!

    1. they really are hun and yeh gorgeous box too :) x

  5. They look fab. I must say your description of the Almon Praline really makes me want to try it - it sounds delicious!

    1. haha i knew what you meant hun and yes that was definaly one of my favs :) x