Saturday, 13 October 2012

Hanley’s Premium Confectionery

Earlier this week I was sent some samples of chocolate from Hanley’s Premium Confectionery. Hanley’s confectionery are a new premium brand of great tasting confectionery. They are passionate about creating great tasting premium confectionery products using the finest ingredients at affordable prices. They source cocoa beans from the plantations of the Ivory Coast where the fabulous climate produces a rich high quality crop. The beans are harvested and then roasted in their entire shells retaining the natural flavours, texture & aromas producing a more intense cocoa flavour with purer particles. The resulting cocoa mass is conched into chocolate creating a truly unique, high quality & great tasting chocolate base.  Their skilled chocolatier then uses his culinary knowledge to develop and create such fine & mouth-watering Collections of some of the finest truffles & chocolate bars available. 

Hanley’s Marshmallows & Fudge Surprise Bar

The first one I tried was Hanley’s Marshmallows & Fudge Surprise Bar. This is a Luxury Belgian Milk Chocolate topped with pink & white powdered marshmallows & luxury butter fudge pieces fresh from the Lake District sprinkled across the top.  I absolutely loved this bar; it had all of my favourites all on the one bar (chocolate, marshmallows and fudge). You could tell the chocolate was of a high standard it tasted amazing and the added marshmallows and fudge made this one of my favourite bars I’ve ever had.

Hanley’s Chilli Milk Chocolate Bar

Next was Hanley’s Chilli Milk Chocolate Bar. This is a Luxury Belgian Milk Chocolate sprinkled with hot chilli flakes providing a controlled explosion of full on chilli flavour. I’ve always wanted to try chilli chocolate but have always been too scared to in the past. You hear chilli and chocolate and think it’ll be horrible, that can’t possibly work.  Let me tell you it actually really does work. I was so glad I was sent this kind to try because otherwise I don’t think I would have ever got the chance. The hotness of the chilli isn’t to overpowering and mixes really well with the chocolate.  If you haven’t tried chilli and chocolate you really should, you’d be very surprised how amazing it actually tastes.

Hanley’s Belgian Milk Chocolate Triple Choc Crunch 

I tried Hanley’s Belgian Milk Chocolate Triple Choc Crunch Next. This is a Luxury Belgian Chocolate infused with milk, white & dark crispy chocolate pieces producing an amazing crunch. I loved the little crunchy bits on top; I’ve never seen a bar like this before. The crunchy bits gave it a really unusual kick and meant you had a bit of all chocolate kinds on one bar (milk, dark and white), perfect combination for me as I love all kinds of chocolate.

Hanley’s Belgian Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar

Next on my yummy list to try was Hanley’s Belgian Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar. This is a Hanley’s Belgian Milk Chocolate blended with caramel essence. I love caramel and this bar was so amazing. You could tell straight away that this was made from a high quality chocolate, it literally melted in your mouth and then you got the amazing  taste of the caramel coming through. This was a perfect classic combination, made all the better by the high quality Belgian chocolate. 

Hanley’s Milk Chocolate Orange Swirl

So what was next to try? It was the yummy Hanley’s Milk Chocolate Orange Swirl.  This is a Belgian Milk chocolate infused with swirls of natural orange flavouring. Defiantly a must have for me as I love chocolate and orange. It’s defiantly my favourite chocolate combination so I couldn’t wait to try this one. Again the Belgian chocolate was of such a high standard that it made this taste so amazing. It literally just melts in your mouth, creating the amazing orange chocolate taste, yum. And as you can see from the picture it looked amazing too, i loved the swirls.

Hanley’s Luxury Assorted Milk Chocolate Truffles 8pk Bag

Lastly was Hanley’s Luxury Assorted Milk Chocolate Truffles. These were Milk Chocolate Truffles in an assortment of flavours, including: Orange truffle coated in coca, Caramel truffle coated in milk chocolate, and Praline chocolate coated in crushed hazelnuts. These were literally to die for. I love truffles but I’ve never had such a lovely assortment in one pack before. I could have literally sat and ate the lot in one go. I didn’t though as I wanted to make them last and get the full flavours of each truffle. They were all amazing but if I had to pick a favourite out of them it would be the Praline chocolate coated in crushed hazelnuts. I’ve never had a truffle covered in crushed hazelnuts before and I absolutely loved them. I will defiantly be buying more.

If you’d like some of these amazing chocolates (I highly recommend you do) then you can buy them online from  
You can also find Hanley’s Premium Confectionary on:



  1. The marshmallow bar looks amazing! I love marshmallow lol - paired up with fudge, heaven!

    1. exacly hun it was my idea of heaven, so yummy :) x

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    1. They really were amazing the chocolate was such a high quality too

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