Friday, 12 October 2012

Cheekyshoes Review

Earlier this week I was sent some shoes to review from Cheekyshoes which I couldn’t wait to try. Cheekyshoes are a company that offers limited edition vibrant women’s shoes in a variety of colours and styles.

When I first got them I loved the packaging, it was so unusual and unique. You could defiantly tell which company it was from straight away. And not only that but the packaging was also able to fit through the letter box (a very handy thing), and had a lovely logo and little message on them about Cheekyshoes the company which I thought was lovely.

Now if you’re like me I always put off from buying shoes online because I’ve got such awkward feet. My shoe size varies between 2 different sizes, so I never know what to buy unless I’m actually in the shop and can try them on. Cheekyshoes however have an online size guide where you can print off and measure your exact foot size which I think is so handy. To measure your exact foot size just print this measurement contour off this link:  
Then place your right foot against it so that your heel matches the heel of the contour. The contour closest to the boundaries of your foot (the bigger one) is the UK size you need. Make sure you are printing in 100% print size as some printers may resize images to fit your current printer settings. Once you’ve done this you’ve got you exact shoe size you need to order your Cheekyshoes, just like I did.

When I first got these and opened the packaging I was drawn straight away to the vibrant colour. I’d picked the colour called Sumptuous Cerise and when I got them I was very happy with my choice. It took me awhile to decide what colour to get as they all looked lovely but I eventually settled on the Sumptuous Cerise, after a lot of debating.

Before trying them on I had a look at all the detail on the bottom of them. I was quite surprised at how lovely the detail was. As you can see from the pictures they’ve got swirls on the heels, Cheekyshoes wrote in the middle, then shooting stars and swirls at the top. I loved, and it really made these shoes unique.

When I first tried them on my first thought was oh my god my feet are so comfy. The shoes just seemed to fit around my foot like no others have before. I’m usually a nightmare with shoes they either slip off or skin my feet alive. I was surprised at how comfy they felt straight away and was curious as to whether they’d stay as comfy when I’d had them on all day, so I went off to try them out. 
I thought the best way to try them was to go shopping (not that I ever need any excuse to shop). One thing I’ve got to have when I’m shopping is comfort on my feet or I just get tired and cranky. I had them on all day shopping and they were the most comfortable foot wear I’ve ever had on. It was like they were designed and specially made for my feet, I was really surprised at how well they fitted. The only down side was that you can see your toes through them which I really didn’t like at first, however I soon got used to it and actually found it as a quirky little thing. As I was shopping, in my comfy new shoes, it decided to start to rain. I was a bit worried about the rain because I wasn’t sure how Cheekyshoes would handle it. I thought they’d stay soaking for ages (no one likes wet feet when your shopping) but to my surprise they actually dried out really quick and I could get on with my shopping in comfort and with dry feet.

My final verdict after wearing these all week is that everyone needs some Cheekyshoes in their life. My feet have never been so comfy and I love the vibrant colour. I’d defiantly recommend these to everyone, so if you’re like me and want some comfy shoes to get you through your busy life you need some Cheekyshoes. I’m already deciding what colour to buy next. Cheekyshoes have kindly gave me a discount count code for my readers. If you enter Oranges at the checkout, that will get you 30% off the normal price. You can find Cheekyshoes on:




  1. Those shoes look super comfy! I also wanted you to know that I nominated your for a Liebster Award! Check out my post for more info!

    1. They are super comfy hun. And oh lovely thanks i'll have a look x

  2. hahahaha! For a moment I didn't realize that its a pair of shoes inside . :)

  3. Thanks so much for this review :)
    These will definitely be on my Christmas List now!

  4. your very welcome hun and they'll definatly be a great christmas present :) x