Sunday, 23 September 2012


Last week I was sent a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from the lovely Bunches is the leading online florist for you to send fresh flowers by post, selling luxury bouquets, house plants and fun helium balloons starting from only £11.99 including UK delivery and free milk chocolates.
I was sent one of their new bouquets from their autumn range called Harvest Festival. It was a beautiful arrangement of ready-to-display selection of blooms that celebrates everything wonderful about harvest time. When it first arrived it was in a big box. I loved the packaging, not only was it safely packaged but the design on it was really pretty as you can see from the below picture. It also had holes in the top so the flowers could breathe and still arrive safely.

I couldn’t wait to open the box and when I did there was a lovely little message on the lid of the box that said ‘All the best from bunches’ and another lovely message on the side that said ‘I am your strong, recyclable gift box. I’ve been especially designed to carry your flowers with care, delivering them in tip-top condition. Before you throw me away, please have a good look inside me for any extra goodies.’ I loved these little touches that made bunches so unique as a company.

Next I decided to do what the message told me to do and look see what other goodies were in the box before I took the flowers out. The first thing I saw was a lovely little booklet of flower facts and care tips. I thought this was a really handy and lovely touch and shows that Bunches go the extra mile for their customers. Sometimes when you order flowers online you just get the flowers, nothing to tell you how to care for them to help them last longer, so I found this really helpful. 

The next thing I saw was a little pack of liquid flower food which was right on the top of the box so I couldn’t miss it and so i could add it straight into the vase.

When I opened the box I was blown away by how beautiful the flowers looked. Before I took them out the box I followed the instructions in the little booklet and filled up a vase with luke warm water (to help any flowers in bud to open up) and added the special flower food. I then carefully lifted the flowers out the box. The flowers were in something called a magic water cube, which you can see in the below picture, so I took it out of there, cut the stems at an angle and placed them in the vase I’d prepared earlier.

This gorgeous bouquet consists of a decorative apple enclosed by two-tone Charlotte Chrysanthemums, eye-catching Spray Roses, green Santini, an elegant Mango Calla Lily, orangey-yellow Germini and seasonal Berries. The arrangement is then beautifully completed with claret coloured leaves and decorative straw. As you’ll be able to see from the below picture's these flowers really are beautiful. I’ve had them nearly a week now and there still as fresh as when I got them which I’m really pleased about as sometimes bouquets don’t tend to last long. I've took a load of different close up pictures so you can see how stunning the flowers really are.

If you’d like to purchase this exact bouquet I’ve just reviewed then the direct link to it is:

Or if you’re looking for another type of bouquet you can have a look through their website at all their other stunning flower arrangements they sell, there’s something for everyone. They’ve also got a great deal going at the minute where you can get 10% off any order with promo code GLASS10 which expires on the 30th of November 2012. 
You can find bunches on the following links:



  1. They really are beautiful :) there still as fresh as when i got them nearly a week ago now :)

  2. the flowers are stunning, i love the autumnal colours! xxx

  3. i no all the colours work really well together, they look amazing in my sitting room, i've had loads of comments of friends and family saying how stunning they are :) xxx

  4. Wow aren't those flowers beautiful, I love the addition of the little apple too, oh so very autumnal x

  5. they really are hun, and i no plus i can keep the apple after, even better lol x

  6. Beautiful! Amyx


  7. Such a great idea and the bouquet is beautiful! ox

  8. this looks really interesting, I've never seen this before!! the bouquet is just gorgeous!! thanks for sharing your link through twitter! XOXO :)


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  9. thanks amy :) and sophie the bouquet really is beautiful, it really brightens up a room :)

  10. thanks for coming to take a look May T glad you like it :)

  11. I love receiving flowers! They are really pretty :) x

  12. thankyou Jayne, there still alive now aswell over a week later :) x