Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Bling Rocks

Anyone who knows me will tell you straight away I’m a real girlie girl. I love anything pink and sparkly and I love my accessories, you’ll never find me without any on. Baring this in mind I have now found my new absolute favourite site, I could literally spend thousands on there and its
Bling Rocks is still a relatively new company and has only been going for about 18months but you wouldn’t think this looking at their site, you’d think they’d been around for years. It was set up after the owner had Twins and was looking for an alternative career. They do have quite a few celeb followers as well and bespoke designs too. They also love designing one offs for people especially if for a wedding etc.  As well as all this they also do jewellery parties and Children’s jewellery parties where they can make their own bracelets, which I have to say I think that’s a great idea.
I’ve never dealed with such a lovely helpful company before, there customer service is outstanding and I know I will be purchasing more items from them in the future. It was dispatched really quick as well, i got it within a couple of days which i was really surprised with as i thought it would take longer. They were also really quick to reply to emails and very helpful and you could tell straight away they value their customers. 

So how did i get this gorgeous piece of jewellery? Well a few days ago I entered a competition with Bling Rocks on twitter and couldn’t believe my luck when I won, usually I'm so unlucky so i was so surprised to win. I was allowed to choose my own bracelet and I picked this gorgeous one pictured underneath:

I absolutely love it and i could choose from any charm too, although I have to admit the main reason I got an N charm on it was so no one else in my family could pinch it and wear it. As you can see from the picture it also came with a lovely little pouch and wrapped in gorgeous tissue paper. As i explained earlier i love my bracelets and this bracelet was perfect for me. As soon as I opened it I knew this was a company that values its customers and goes the extra mile to make them happy. I’ve only had it on a day and have had so many compliments and people enquiring where I got it from, and my mam's already been on the website looking for her Christmas present lol. Its defiantly worth taking a look on their website and either treating yourself or get someone a gift.
You can find Bling Rocks on:


  1. Love this bracelet! Ive got a few pieces from Bling rocks they have really pretty jewellery xx

  2. yeh it is gorgeous hun i love it, and i couldnt choose which one i wanted it took me days there all that pretty lol xx

  3. this looks amazing, i lovvvvve my pinks and purples too, as u can see if u look in my 30th bday album on fb, i have new trainers in a pink/purple, a new watch with pink gems on it, and when i won the tresor paris earrings i chose hot pink too lol

    Emma Lou George on fb :)

  4. haha your exactly like me hun anything pink or purple i love, ooo i'll have a look at your album i like the sound of them lol x