Tuesday, 25 September 2012

All Occasion Sweet Shop

I was recently looking on Facebook and came across the All occasion sweet shop. Me been nosy and loving sweets I decided to go have a look on their website. Their website is:
When I first clicked on it I felt like I’d been transported to my very own sweet shop, my own little sweet heaven. The layout of the homepage is amazing and so eye-catching; it defiantly grabs your attention which is what I need when I’m looking on websites to buy things. If the homepage isn’t eye catching enough I don’t usually stay and look further. I also love the background and the homepage is really easy to navigate as well, there’s different buttons for the different sections.
The first section I had a look in was the hamper section: http://www.alloccasionsweetshop.co.uk/sweet-hampers.html
I love food hampers, there such a great idea and so handy, especially sweet ones. I have noticed when I’ve purchased sweet hampers in the past though that they tend to fill it up more with packaging then the actual products and this really puts me off. This isn’t the case with All Occasion Sweet Shop though. Unlike others they don't bulk up their hampers with unnecessary packaging, in fact the only thing bulking up their hefty hampers are delicious sweets. What I love even more about these hampers is that all of them are completely reusable, making their products not just practical and cost-effective, but also environmentally friendly too.  They do loads of different hampers to suit everyone’s needs. One example is their birthday party in a box hamper:
This would be perfect for someone’s birthday, it has everything you need to get your party off to a fab start and they do it in 2 different sizes too. One of the other hampers that really caught my attention and which I wanted to write about was the Halloween hamper. Seen as though Halloweens just over a month away this is a perfect hamper to get, I love it. We always have a Halloween party at our house so I love the idea of getting a themed sweet hamper like this one:
They do 16 different hampers in total so it’s well worth going to their website and having a look, there’s a hamper for everyone and every occasion.
Next I had a look in the retro sweet section: 

Retro sweets strike a chord with sweet lovers everywhere, including me. They bring back happy memories from your childhood, and tantalise your taste buds with old fashioned retro sweets that you thought were long gone. I love my sweets; I have ever since I was a kid and use to get pick and mixes from the newsagent’s, so this is like sweet heaven for me. They’ve got every sweet I love and some I haven’t seen since I was little, I didn’t no where to start I really was like a little kid in a sweet shop. There’s too many to list them all on here but one of my favourites I found were the pear drops jar.
I love pear drops and even better it comes and a handy jar, yum.
There’s a sweet for everyone in this section from fizzy sweets to wham bars, space dust, everything for every type of sweet lover out there.
So if you’re like me and want to relive your childhood with some amazing sweets go to http://www.alloccasionsweetshop.co.uk/ and have a look, the hardest decision you’ll have to make will be which sweet you purchase first.
You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter on the following links:


  1. Hey I love sweetie deserts also. I wish I could bake.lol.
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  2. haha i love my sweets, if you like this blog hun keep an eye on my blog the next few days, ive got another sweetie blog im writing at the minute, and a chocolate one :)