Saturday, 29 September 2012

Dandy Candy

Earlier in the week I was sent an amazing sweet gift parcel from the lovely

Dandy Candy is your one stop shop for the world’s most delicious sweets. They are known for their incredibly quick delivery and for the fact that they offer FREE postage & packing to all customers within the United Kingdom. Dandy Candy is also the website to visit in order to become better acquainted with retro sweets you once loved in your youth. Many UK stores no longer stock these which lead to a lot of disappointed consumers, not anymore now you no where to go get them.
I have to say when I opened the parcel and saw there was a lovely retro sweetie gift box inside I was jumping around like a little kid. There in front of me was literally my childhood in a box. When I was a kid I use to love my sweets, I remember my Nan always buying me some on a weekend as a treat so this gift box brought back so many good happy memories. As you can see from the below pictures (I took one from every side so you could see properly) it was literally crammed to the brim with sweets but yet still beautifully presented. I was shocked at how many sweets they managed to get in and present it so well. I also loved the dandy candy ribbon that the gift box was tied with, and the giant lollipop through the top. It was presented so well that I didn’t want to open it and spoil the lovely gift box.

It also came with a lovely ‘thank you for your custom card’ and a DandyCandy packet to put the sweets in, just like a pick and mix bag. I loved this, the packet reminded me of when I use to get pick and mix ups from my local newsagents from school. These were such lovely little touches.

Next I decided to tear open my sweetie box and tip it all out so I could see what exact sweets were in it, yum. 
I also decided to take separate pictures of what was in the gift box so you could see exactly what you get. Most of these sweets I haven’t had since I was a little so I was so excited. In this gift box you get:
1 Pack of 5 Jawbreaker Fireballs
2 Parma Violets
2 Fizzers
1 Popping Candy Fizz Wiz
1 Giant Lollipop
2 Drumstick Lollies
2 Double Lollies
2 Traffic Light Lollies
5 Fruit Salads
5 Black Jacks
2 Refresher Chews
1 Giant Chew Bar
5 Chocolate footballs (I couldn’t help myself and ate 1 before I took the picture so only there are only 4 pictured)
2 Anglo Bubble Bubbly Gums
2 Bazooka Joe Bubble Gums
1 Box of Marvel Heroes Candy Sticks
1 Giant Bag of Rainbow drops
1 Candy Whistle
1 Sherbet Dip Dab
Bag of 15 Flying Saucers
2 Mini Love Heart Rolls
4 Rainbow Dust Straws
1 Candy Lipstick
1 Sherbet Fountain
1 Sherbet Fruit
As you can see you get a wide range of amazing sweets, I didn’t know where to start. I was really pleased with the service from Dandy Candy too; a really helpful friendly company who sell amazing sweets that will bring out the little kid in you. These are perfect for presents, Secret Santa’s, stocking fillers or even just too just treat yourself. They are presented so well, I actually tried myself to pack the gift box up, and as you can see from the below picture it didn’t go well. I’m amazed and curious as to how they can pack so many sweets in one gift box and still present it so well.
If you want to purchase the exact product I’ve just reviewed you can find it here:
Or if you’d like to have a look at all there other wide range of amazing products you can have a look through their website here:
So if you’re like me and you want to revisit your childhood with some amazing sweets then you can find Dandy Candy on:


  1. WOW!!!!! I need this!
    Aww this is such an amazing post, I've just found your blog on twitter & I'm loving everything I've read so far.
    Your blog is amazing :)

    Oh & I've just ordered this box :D
    parma violets & blackjacks YUM!!!


  2. Thankyou so much hun im glad you like it, thats made my day you saying that :)
    and im glad you've ordered one you wont be disapointed there amazing i love my sweets lol :)