Saturday, 8 September 2012  are a company who deliver quality chocolates throughout the UK with FREE 1st class post, complete with a no quibble quality guarantee and a personal message card. You can also earn Moko Star rewards with every gift purchase, so that you can save for discounts on future chocolate orders.  are dedicated to delivering the finest Belgian, Swiss and English chocolates by post from quality chocolatiers such as Lindt, The Cocoabean Co. and Valentino, along with their own brand of chocolate gift selections. 
I was sent a box of their own moko chocolates to review which had an assortment of different chocolates in. You could tell just by looking at the box that the chocolates inside were going to be of a high quality and lovingly made, which they certainly were. Each one had its own unique design and amazing flavour.
The chocolates came in a gorgeous pink as you can see from the above picture. Stuck onto the top of the box was a lovely little booklet which showed you the different flavours and what kinds they all where, and even had few sentences about the company at the bottom as well. 

When I took the little booklet off the top there was a lovely little message and picture underneath it which I thought was lovely and very funny, they really had thought of everything and it’s the lovely little touches like that which made me know these were going to be some amazing chocolates from people who love to put their customers first and value each and every customer.

When I took the lid off the box there was lovely tissue paper with a sticker saying enjoy on, again another little personal touch which made these chocolates so much more unique and special.

When i lifted the paper up i was actually shocked by how amazing the chocolates looked and how lovely they were presented. Each chocolate was even in its own individual wrapper. They looked so amazing and really unique, I've never seen a box of chocolates like this before and i couldn't wait to tuck in.

All the chocolate’s had their own little name as well which I also loved, its all these little details that make these chocolates so amazing. 
The first one I tried was a milk chocolate swirl with creamy centre and raspberry preserve called In the pink. This one had everything I loved in it. It was pink for a start (I love pink) and I love raspberries. The flavour of the raspberry mixed with creamy centre and the milk chocolate was to die for. I’ve never had a raspberry chocolate before and after trying this one I need more of them, they were so unique and different and so yummy.

Next was the turn of Orangy-Tang which was a gorgeous milk chocolate with a creamy orange flavour at the heart of it. I loved the balance in this one, the orange flavour wasn't too strong that it took away the milk chocolate taste either and the texture was just right. I loved the pattern on the top as well, it looked amazing.

Next it was time for Jam-Boree (fab name) which is a creamy white chocolate with buttercream and a smidgen of apricot. Yet again a very unique and unusual chocolate. When I first saw it had apricot in I wasn’t sure if I’d like it, but as soon as I tasted i was pleasantly surprised, it I loved it. The apricot isn’t too strong and it actually mixes really well with the white chocolate and buttercream. Never a mix I thought I'd ever try let alone like. I love chocolates like this that mix different flavours that you don't think will work but they actually do.

I tried Truffle Shuffle next which consisted of swirly milk chocolate with a sweet, smooth truffle centre. Truffles are my favourite type of chocolate's and this defiantly didn't disappoint. It was literally a melt in your mouth kind of chocolate. I love that this one, like all the others, came in its own little individual wrapper too. It just made the box of chocolate's so unique and special.

A white chocolate cup, topped with sprinkles of brazil nut called Nuts about you was next on my list to try. Again I love the name of this and I loved the look of it. I’ve never seen a chocolate like this anywhere before. I love white chocolate so this was a definite favourite of mine, the texture just went so well with all the other chocolates too and looked really professional and defiantly unique.

I tried Twice as nice next. This is a lush white chocolate around vanilla cream and caramel. I love caramel but I’m not usually too keen on vanilla so again i was unsure what to expect. But this was actually really nice and yet again i was pleasantly surprised. The vanilla wasn’t too strong that it overpowered the caramel; there was just the right balance with the caramel to give it this amazingly unique flavour. When you bit into it the caramel just oozed into your mouth, yummy.

Lastly was caramel royale, a soft caramel enrobed in dark chocolate. I left this one till last cause dark chocolate is my least favourite chocolate. Usually I can’t eat dark chocolate at all cause i find it too bitter and strong, but I thought I’d give this a go and I was actually really surprised. The dark chocolate was quite nice with the caramel. It wasn’t my favourite of the lot but was still really nice and I loved the little crown on the chocolate.

I must admit after the box was all gone, with the help of my mam, I could have easily ate more and i now know where I'll be going when we next need chocolates. I would recommend this company to everyone, whether you want a present for someone, or too just treat yourself, use I could never say enough good things about them. Their customer service is outstanding, their chocolates are to die for, and their chocolate gifts are delivered in clever packaging that keeps them safe in transit and is 100% recyclable. And if you order before 30/09/2012 you can use discount code TWSEP12 when you order and get 15% off. What more could you want, they’ve thought of everything to keep their customers happy and coming back for more of there delicious chocolates. You can find on the following sites:


  1. Craving chocolate so much after reading this post! Xx

  2. Haha Jordan, they were the nicest chocolates ive ever had as well, and i eat a lot of different chocolates lol xx